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STANDING in front of this Hamilton Hill house I thought to myself it might be hard to ferret out any extraordinary features from such an ordinary-looking home.

A covered parking spot, some citrus fruit trees and a big front lawn were the most inspirational items I could see but, being a professional, I soldiered on and headed inside.

Number 6 Wheeler Road is well named because it hits you like a Mack truck.

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Step through the charming red door and there’s no doubt this is something special.

The open plan living area is bright and spacious, with outdoor views on both sides and an undoubtedly Los Angeles look from the ‘60s. Fill it with Mad Men-era furniture, please. You must.

Following the trend from the American homes at the time, the space is neat, open and bright, with big glass windows and white clean walls.

The kitchen, however, has been recently renewed, and the long benches will unleash any foody’s imagination.

The most surprising section, however, is the backyard.

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Huge by modern standards, it hasn’t been subdivided. A big kidney shaped pool adds to the sixties feel, while a big alfresco dining area sheltered underneath a cabana imports some sub-continental appeal with colourful furniture, dark red cushions on the sofa and a big wooden dining table.

Drums and sitars already play in my head as I picture an evening meal over candle light and the aroma of star anise, cumin and curry floating on the air.

Right behind the cabana there is a huge shed, for handy-persons, probably the biggest I have ever seen, covered in vines.

There is room for bikes, tools, old furniture and even a car. I can well imagine it transformed into a teenage band’s HQ or an art atelier. The possibilities are as endless as the space.

This is definitely a hidden gem in Hamilton: don’t be dissuaded by the exterior—such a cunning disguise. Unique and smart, with contrasts in style that blend perfectly together.


6 Wheeler Road, Hamilton Hill
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