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Pre-School for Pups

Local vet provides practical advice at popular puppy classes

East Fremantle Veterinary Clinic is located in a beautiful heritage home in the heart of East Fremantle. Under the leadership of owner and senior Veterinarian Dr Liam Brown since 2012, the clinic has continued to grow and provide new services for the community. The practice is a fully equipped Veterinary hospital, with examination rooms, diagnostic imaging, onsite laboratory and surgical suite, with state-of-the-art anaesthetic monitoring.

The clinic has a strong focus on providing a Veterinary environment that is not intimidating to your pet. It’s a place where they can feel relaxed and look forward to visiting. The waiting room is more like a lounge room and pets receive healthy treats and take home toys at nearly every visit. A very popular service is the Puppy Classes, where in just four short weeks your pup will be given the tools he or she needs to become a well mannered, well adjusted member of the family.

“One thing I noticed very early on was that the dogs who attended our puppy classes maintained a positive attitude towards coming to the clinic, even after what might be perceived as a negative experience, such as having a catheter placed for surgery,” said Liam.

“This got me thinking about not only is it important to socialise young puppies with each other, it’s also important to socialise them to the clinic and the whole veterinary experience. During our classes we do mock veterinary examinations, so the puppies get used to being handled and examined,” he added.

The focus of the Puppy Classes is to: 
Create positive associations with the veterinary clinic environment and examinations
Teach puppies bite inhibition
Build manners – with other puppies, adult dogs and people (we have visiting well socialised adult dogs in the classes)
Learn how to enjoy interacting with and being handled by people
To teach reliable off-leash obedience, so that puppies promptly and willing respond to verbal commands, even when distracted
To have fun – we use play equipment to socialise and teach your puppy how to have fun in a relaxed manner with other dogs

Each puppy class consists of 4 one-hour classes each week for four weeks with the option to extend into other classes if space is available. Classes are limited to six pups only so special treatment is guaranteed. Pups are old enough for puppy school from the age of 7 weeks old – provided they have had their 1st vaccination at least 7 days prior to the first class.

All puppies receive a free training manual, lead and toy. Mention this article when making your booking and get your four weeks for only $85!

Do the best for your new puppy today!
Make your pet a member of the Puppy Club!
We do all the organising for you and all you need to do is turn up!

Included with GOLD membership is:
Free initial puppy examination and discussion on health care with no obligation to continue or join
Membership is for one year from 3mths until 15mths.
4 weeks free puppy classes (with options to continue weekly at a reduced rate)
A 25% discount on all consultations
Free nurse nail clips

Puppy Package membership which includes: 
– Monthly Veterinary consultations until six months of age
– Primary Vaccination Course (12 and 16 week Protech Vaccinations)
– Implantation of a mini-microchip
– Heartworm, intestinal worm and initial flea prophylaxis
– Sterilisation at 5-7mths

ENQUIRE TODAY with one of our friendly qualified and registered Veterinary Nurses on 9339 7000
We also have a Kitten Package. So if you have just got a new feline friend Ring Us Today!

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8am to 7pm and Saturday from 9am to 3pm
23 May Street, East Fremantle
9339 7000

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