Join the human chain. Help stop the live exports!

Big crowds expected to join the 5th annual Human Chain on World Animal Day in opposition to live animal exports.

Hundreds of West Australians opposed to the export of live animals will again link hands to join the Human Chain across Stirling Traffic Bridge on Sunday 4 October to highlight the wide community support to phase out the controversial trade.

Katrina Love, Campaign Manager for Stop Live Exports, said the organisation is not opposed to agriculture, primary production, or farmers, but is opposed to the long sea voyages animals are made to endure and the fact that numerous investigations continue to expose horrific acts of cruelty and abuse without any repercussions for repeat offenders.

“The export of live animals over long distances is an inherently cruel and unnecessary trade. Increased local processing and an expanded chilled meat export trade offer the most humane treatment of animals and a more reliable income for the producers, as well as major benefits to the economy by providing more jobs here in WA.” said Ms Love.


The Australian public galvanised in opposition to the live trade after Four Corners aired an exposé on the brutal treatment of Australian cattle in Indonesia. The live export trade was suspended for five weeks, and the government introduced the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS) in an attempt to ensure good animal welfare outcomes from farm gate to slaughter.

Since ESCAS’ implementation, there have been 78 reports of breaches submitted to the Department of Agriculture, involving many countries. Investigations from as far back as February 2014 have not been completed yet by the Department of Agriculture. Animals continue to be sent to every country involved in breaches regardless of status of investigation or outcome.

The annual Human Chain has attracted over 1200 participants in the past, with hopes to surpass that number this year, despite it being held on AFL grand final weekend. Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt, federal Labor Member for Fremantle Melissa Parke, State Labor MLA for Fremantle Simone McGurk and Greens MLC for South Metro Lynn MacLaren have all committed to joining the event.

The protest will take place from 10.45am until midday on Sunday 4 October across the Stirling Traffic Bridge in Fremantle, with participants asked to dress in black as a symbol of grieving for the millions of animals sent to a fate worse than death.

“And we also ask that people wear signs stating their occupation or position in life e.g. teacher, nurse, father, vegan, human being etc. to exhibit the diversity of those who oppose live exports,” said Ms Love.

World Animal Day
Sunday 4 October 1015
10.45 for 11am until midday
Stirling Traffic Bridge Canning Hwy East Fremantle to Tydeman Road, North Fremantle.

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