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IT’S not everyday you get to enjoy an organic fair-trade coffee and munch on home-baked goods while getting a passport photo taken and learning how to use Photoshop.

Natural Light Photography Cafe, which set up in West End Fremantle’s historic Pakenham Street six weeks ago, does it all.

The space is divided into the cafe area, with unmatched colourful chairs, a rustic timber counter and lots of sweet treats on display; a gallery section allows owner Sharon Hu to display (and sell) her original works.

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• Photos by Matthew Dwyer

“This is the result of an eight-year dream,” Hu told the Herald.

“I got selected among more than 100 applicants by the owner of the property. I felt honoured. This is my first business and he wanted me to have a go.”

She says she’s already developed some regulars and is confident of success.

• Photos by Matthew Dwyer

• Photos by Matthew Dwyer

“It’s still a work in progress. People will be able to bring their artworks for display, we will have training Photoshop classes in the back rooms and later on we will organise mini photo tours around Fremantle to show people some photography tips and things,” she says.

“The only thing we are waiting at the moment is for the council to approve our alfresco area. It will have a timber decking that will take 70 per cent of the no parking space in front.

“After that we will put out the red carpet and start organising gallery nights with cheese and wine.”

All goods sold in the cafe are home-baked, the coffee is 100 per cent organic and fair trade and the prices affordable.

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It is the perfect place for a light quick lunch during a uni or work break or for a quick take-away coffee in the early morning.

Sandwiches are $6.50 and sweet treats $2.50.

The vegie spinach, mushrooms and ricotta cheese sandwich is a delight, and you can even choose which bread to have — go for the olive one!

For those who want a bigger meal, you can also go for a creamy warm corn cheese damper ($2.50) with butter, light, filling and suitable for vegetarians. I had never tried damper before but it will definitely not be the last.

If there is still room for dessert, the sweet treats are a perfect bet. The rocky roads are only  $2.50 and Hu’s melting moments ($2) are baked daily and are tasty and creamy.

It is exciting to see this work-in-progress grow: it’s already my go-to place for a quick, tasty healthy lunch.

Even better, they offer loyalty cards with a free cake after 10 purchases!


Natural Light
Photography Cafe
3 Pakenham Street, Fremantle
Monday to Friday
7.30am to 2.30pm
Saturday 9.30am to 4.30pm
Sunday 12-noon to 3.30pm


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