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Local accountants with passion for community & environment 

Teresia Lindberg and Fredrik Gustafsson created Green Bean Accountants from a mutual interest in sustainable business, work/life balance, and the drive to deliver a reputable and ethical accounting service.

Fredrik and Teresia came to Australia from Sweden to study a number of years ago and loved Perth so much they decided to make their life here together. They are locals in the City of Cockburn and love the lifestyle, environment and people in their community.

Green Bean provides a full range of professional accounting services. Specialising in tax preparation, Green Bean’s goal is to optimise your return to ensure you receive all the benefits you’re entitled to. And while you can expect first class service, Green Bean is not your typical ‘bean counter’, as Teresia explains:

“We don’t apply a cookie-cutter approach to your individual or business tax needs. We make sure we understand your goals and plans so that our services are properly adapted to your needs. We understand that some clients don’t want to deal with the books or accounting at all, while others are highly involved, and only need a small amount of help to ensure nothing has been missed. We want to know if you’re time-poor, confused by tax, competent but just have a couple of questions, or have any other specific requirements. We want to get to know you, our client, so we can provide the most cost-effective and appropriate type of assistance.”

Teresia and Fredrik chose the name Green Bean Accountants as it encompasses their work and lifestyle philosophy.

“Green is the colour of freshness, life and vitality. It’s what we bring to our business and what we want our business to bring to the community.”

“We embrace tech innovations such as the cloud and file sharing. We are passionate about sustainability and have worked hard to create a green workplace.

Our office furniture is upcycled, we use energy efficient appliances wherever possible, minimise waste through recycling and provide a paperless tax service for like-minded clients.”

“Even our beautiful reception desk is recycled. First we salvaged the wood from old pallet rims, then sanded it, stained it with tea and steel wool/vinegar and then sealed it with coconut oil. All environmentally friendly, no weird chemicals here!”

“We chose Coolbellup for our location as it’s a progressive suburb undergoing revitalisation which is very exciting. Fredrik has worked in the local library for many years and it’s the suburb we call home. Plus it has a wonderful community full of lovely people.”

Doing your taxes needn’t be a chore. Give the happy team at Green Bean a call today.

“We’re professional, relationship-focused and easy to talk to. Because our business is about people, not just numbers!”

Green Bean Accountants
Shop 17, Coolbellup Shopping Centre,
cnr Coolbellup Ave & Cordelia Ave
P: 9337 2701

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