Time for all

• Jocelyn enjoys play time with Karen Aitchison. Photo supplied

• Jocelyn enjoys play time with Karen Aitchison. Photo supplied

ATWELL youngster Jocelyn enjoys her “play dates”, part of a trial for My Way, a National Disability Insurance Scheme program being run in Cockburn and Kwinana through Catholic outreach Identitywa.

And so do her mum and dad and brother Riley.

“Jocelyn is full of life and loves to have fun but has limited ability for social interaction, which can affect what we do as a family,” says mum Leah of her 7-year-old, who has autism.

“It can be a real challenge to spend quality time with your other children and even your husband.”

Under the two-year trial, support worker Janelle Wong visits Jocelyn at home, spending one-on-one time with her.

“[Which] means we can enjoy…outings rather than stressing about constantly losing Jocelyn, and I can spend time with Riley too, which is important,” Leah says.

“[Previously] Riley would miss out because I didn’t feel comfortable taking Jocelyn on outings by myself. Things don’t always have to be stressful now…it feels normal.”

Identitywa is set to open a Cockburn office in a few weeks enabling an effective range of services for people in the area, CEO Marina Re says.

There was a time people with a disability, and families, were told what they could have, but the trial turns that around and people are asked what they want, the clinical psychologist says.

“In the past it was about fitting the person to a vacancy…these days it’s about working around the person…Matching the services to the individual.”

Staff are also matched to the individual, and vetted by the person with the disability and their family.

My Way supports workers who can help people across a range of ages and disabilities access the broader community, coordinator Jane Lefroy says.

“We support people to go to TAFE, join sporting clubs or groups.”

For more info about My Way and other Identitywa services visit identitywa.com.au


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