Jetty works anger locals

THE lessee of a private jetty at Northbank has been ordered to scale back foreshore earthworks following an outcry by residents.

Greg Dale bought the jetty licence in 2001 after developer Monteath went bust, and has regularly received permits to dredge away sand and maintain the seawall.

But residents claim he’s overstretched the scope of his approval by pushing the seawall further along the riverbank and building groynes into the river to prevent his pens silting up.

Adrian Page lives nearby and says the foreshore looks terrible, particularly as the works involve dumping rocks to create the groynes and anti-scouring walls.

Mr Page says he’s happy with the parks and wildlife department’s fix-up order, but says it should closely monitor the site to ensure compliance.

• Works by the Northbank jetty have upset local residents.

• Works by the Northbank jetty have upset local residents.

New North Fremantle councillor Bryn Jones says he received a call from residents early Friday, after works started.

“I went to have a look and there were quite a few residents out there, very angry,” Cr Jones told the Herald.

Local resident Kate is incensed: apart from losing access, she says the fill is dark and ugly compared to the light-coloured sand of the river.

Parks and wildlife officers were called in to assess the works and they’ve sided with residents.

In a letter to residents, manager Glen McLeod-Thorpe says Mr Dale will have to remove some of the works.

“These remediation works will assist in promptly restoring access for the community,” he wrote

The department says the fill should lighten and soon blend in.

The Herald tried to contact Mr Dale several times but was unable to get through.


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