Mozzies creamed!

• Jackie Wilkinson. Photo by Matthew Dwyer

• Jackie Wilkinson. Photo by Matthew Dwyer

AS a squadron of mosquitoes zeroed in on her delicate skin, Munster local Jackie Wilkinson hoped this time she’d got the blend right in her natural repellent.

When flies wouldn’t go anywhere near her husband’s blood and guts-covered fishing board, she thought she was on a winner.

But it was back to the drawing board when the mozzies caught the irresistible scent of human blood as soon as she stepped out the door.

“Outside at dusk with bare skin I would have 10 or more on me,” Mrs Wilkinson says, cheerfully.

Fortunately she had her own blend of natural oils and creams, based on coconut and other soothing oils, to apply to the itchy bites.

And with the right tweaking, sitting outside is no longer an uncomfortable experience and she can really enjoy her lovely garden–which is a mozzie’s strolling distance from a wetland.

MiaEssenza is a range of natural aromatherapy products blended for specific therapeutic purposes that are both practical and smell divine.

The name is Italian for “my essence”, which is in part a homage to Mrs Wilkinson’s Italian dad, and in part because “my essence” was already taken.

Essential oils are blended to create natural products such as a hand cleaner that promises to remove strong odours like garlic and onion—and to disinfect—without harsh chemicals like laurel sulphate and parabens.

There’s also a blend of cedarwood, bergamot, marjoram and cinnamon for peaceful sleep, and there’s a candle to match.

Mrs Wilkinson cautions against leaving a candle burning while you sleep, saying oils released by the heat linger for hours.

She first became interested in the therapeutic value of essential oils 30 years ago, and over that time has researched the oils and their health benefits intensely.
“I do maybe 40 hours of research before I touch an oil.”

All products, including the elegant candles, are made in the family kitchen, which fortunately is huge. Hey, dad was Italian, remember.

To find out more go to, or call Jackie on 9434 1774.

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