Hang on just a minute … or a month … or more

GREENS MLC Lynn MacLaren says the Barnett government is stalling the release of minutes of a meeting that was crucial in Roe 8 receiving official approval.

Ms MacLaren says she asked more than two months ago for the June minutes of the Aboriginal Cultural Materials Committee, to find out why its members backflipped on a previous recommendation to reject Roe 8 going through a registered Aboriginal heritage site in the Beeliar wetlands.

“In parliament and in briefings I have been asking the government since 22 September to table the documents that were presented to the ACMC at both meetings at which Roe 8 was considered,” Ms MacLaren says.

“However, all we have had are broken promises and more stalling.
“This seems nothing more than a cynical attempt to avoid transparency, which only serves to add to the public outrage about Roe 8 approvals.”

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