It’s the little things

18. 48FOOD 1

I DISCOVER The Little Concept by chance. Headphones in, I’m strolling home along Fremantle’s Wray Avenue when a stranger grabs my attention, asking, “are those magazines?”

The question is irrelevant: it’s the friendliness of the moment that strikes me. Michael, who owns The Little Concept, is walking down the road to Galati’s to deliver coffees while we chat.

“Come in one day,” he says. “We’ve got specialty coffee, dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan options—that kind of thing, so if you need any help with anything, let us know.”

I get the feeling visitors get to swiftly feel like a local in this sub-community, based around a cluster of retail and food and drink shops a street across from Fremantle Hospital.

I return, and Michael remembers me. Like a deer in headlights, I stare at the long drinks menu for an obvious choice to slap me into a decision.

18. 48FOOD 2

Coffee, cold brew (no, not beer—but the result of steeping beans in cold water), tea, red lattes (a caffeine-free drink made with rooibos tea extract), juices, and smoothies: some green, or with turmeric, açaí or cocoa.

Food options include wraps, salad, fritters, cakes, and gluten-free and vegan chia puddings, mousse and bircher mueslis.

I’m pleased to see bags of Prana Chai tea leaf mix and “pure and dark” Mörk Chocolate for sale.

Lunch for me today is a chicken pesto wrap, cold brew and an açaí/choc smoothie with a side of chatter from Michael who tells me he’s transforming the empty shop next door into a juice/smoothie bar.

He’s hoping to open it on January 2. The best part of this news is he’s going to start selling açaí bowls (thick, cold smoothies—for want of a better word—topped with nuts, fruit or grains).

The Little Concept won’t be so little soon enough—there are some big, interesting ideas coming out of this place.

The Little Concept
7 Wray Avenue, Fremantle
6323 1531

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