Later start for greygers

THE next Blues and Roots festival in 2017 could start after lunchtime to cater for a “post-youth” demographic that struggles to last the entire day, says Sunset Events managing director David Chitty.

The festival usually starts 11am and finishes at 11pm, but Mr Chitty says it’s a long day for baby-boomers and he plans to shorten the program.

“Given our audience demographic, I think a shorter program could give them a more enjoyable experience,” he says.

The festival is going through its own mid-life crisis and is taking next year off, before relaunching in 2017 with a new city-wide format, featuring music in smaller venues and bars, as well as the main festival venue.

Pass-outs will be introduced to allow festival goers to roam the city’s haunts.

“It means people can go home for a nap or venture into the city and chill-out at a smaller venue for a bit,” Mr Chitty says. The festival has been going for 12 years.


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