Feather boa steals the show

IS it okay to steal something because it’s fabulous, and makes you feel good about yourself, Miss Lilly’s Fabulous Feather Boa asks.

Spare Parts Puppet Theatre brings Margaret Wild’s book to the stage in a fun-filled, heart-warming romp–with a serious side.

School kids were asked to defend, or refute the argument following a recent visit.

“Some argued…[the boa] was of more value to one character [than the owner], and that it was [later] given freely,” director Michael Barlow says.

On the no side, kids said stealing wasn’t on, no matter what the reason.

Barlow falls loosely into the “yes” argument, saying generosity and forgiveness is a powerful tool for change–and inclusion.

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“If something gives you confidence and makes you feel more bold, is it ok to take that and make use of it?

“Miss Lilly’s generosity feels a lot nicer, as against a wrong action being punished.”

Set in Ms Lilly’s Holiday Home by the sea, the play is the tale of a young potoroo who thinks he’s the last of his kind.

Koalas and wombats play family cricket, while he looks on wishing for a family, but too frightened to go out into the world and look.

Then Miss Lilly does a dance with her “fabulous” feather boa: “And he is mesmerised,” Barlow says.

The Gilbert potoroo found only at Two People’s Bay, Albany is arguably the world’s rarest marsupial. “Conservation [in the play] is not a big thing, bit it’s a very real thing…they are a severely endangered animal,” Barlow says.

Miss Lilly’s Fabulous Feather Boa is on January 4–30, go to sppt.asn.au or phone 9335 5044 for times and bookings.

by Jenny D’Anger

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