‘Scary Jesus’ kept out of sight

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NO, it’s not a hi-vis Main Roads barrier, it’s Melville city council’s $24,000 artwork Gates of Reason.

The council bought the artwork at this year’s Sculpture at Bathers exhibition and has relocated it to Civic Square, next to the public library.

One section of the gate has been sequestered in an alcove, with the bronze relief—“Jesus scares the shit out’a me”—facing a library window and obscured by a couch.

The Chook asked Melville council CEO Shayne Silcox if the text had been deliberately hidden for Christmas.

“This artwork has many interesting components that were created with intent to inspire or challenge the viewer’s thinking like all artwork should, and was designed to provoke conversation,” he says. “In time, the section will be returned and reconnected to the larger piece.

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“The Gates of Reason artwork was originally located in its entirety in the city of Melville Civic Centre courtyard for six months, in full view to all people moving in the area.”

The bronze reliefs were inspired by various interviews and stories heard by artist Geoff Overheu on Radio National as he worked in his studio.

The Gates of Reason will be installed at various locations throughout the city.


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