Exorcising demons

• Silva Dee. Photo by Hanks Kordas

• Silva Dee. Photo by Hanks Kordas

HOW far would you go to research a song?  Following the death of two friends from methamphetamine use, Fremantle singer/songwriter Silvadee decided to use his craft to warn people of illicit drugs’ destructive power.

But first — and we doubt this would be considered sensible by anyone — he tried meth himself, because, “I wanted to see why people were craving it”.

“It was obnoxious, my throat was burning, my body shaking. I couldn’t sleep for days.”

Demons Around has been in the pipeline for months, but coincidentally its release on iTunes this Sunday, December 20, comes on the heels of a WA government advertising campaign with the same message.

The title refers to delusions of persecution experienced by meth users, which can cause them to lash out violently, sometimes with tragic consequences.

“They think there are demons around and something is going to happen to them,” Silvadee says.

The song is a mellow ballad reminiscent of Leonard Cohen, and is performed with the Kelmscott Classic Sound string section, along with Reggie D’Souza.

January 4 marks the last gig for Silvadee’s band The Grasshoppers at the Fremantle Markets bar, but you can catch him at the Orient Fridays and the E-Shed Saturdays.


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