It’s time to retire Rolf’s Boomers

• Christmas carols at FAC. Photo supplied | Jessica Wyld

• Christmas carols at FAC. Photo supplied | Jessica Wyld

A NEW “great Aussie hymn” is needed, now Rolf Harris and his Six White Boomers are “on the nose”, says Fremantle Arts Centre director Jim Cathcart.

The disgraced Boy from Bassendean and his Boomers are not on the program for the annual City of Fremantle Christmas carols this Sunday December 20 at 7pm and it’s a gap that needs filling.

“We need Tim Minchin to write a new one,” Cathcart says.

Libby Hammer and her quintet have become synonymous with the festivities, and she’s back, along with the Arcadian Voices.

The jazz diva’s laid-back style ensures a successful time is had by all: “she is a great performer because it ends up being about people singing along,” Cathcart says.

At just 70 minutes it’s just right for the kiddies, and the words of everyone’s favourite carols, and battery candles, add to the fun, Cathcart says: “[The candles] are unexpectedly and strangely effective.”

The following week, Fremantle’s annual New Year’s day concert (5–10pm) is promising to be a chilled affair, an “antidote” to the madness of the previous night: “Civilised and enjoyable.”

The line-up includes the Sunshine Brothers, Chicago band 36 Hope Street (the address of the Bob Marley museum in Jamaica), Grace Barbe, The Weapon is Sound and Afro Kreol.

The carols are gold-coin donation, and New Year’s Day $29.50. Food will be available and the bar open for both.

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