Freo losing its character
ONCE again the headlines in the Herald (December 19, 2015) announce the demise of yet another piece of irreplaceable Fremantle culture, with the Markets bar joining the Deckchair Theatre, The Fly By Night, Kulcha and many other former icons of the city.
What will be left of old Fremantle after the council has turned the whole place over to developers? I fear not much: the Esplanade will have become a “park hub” — whatever that may be — open to both community and commercial activities and if the past is anything to go by the latter will hold sway.
It will be a city of architecturally mediocre apartment blocks, a few shops and the cappuccino strip and a port sold to private enterprise (more apartments anyone?).
The markets have lost so many characters who operated there and has become a shadow of its former vibrant self, the closure of a unique watering hole is just another nail in the coffin.
No doubt Brad Pettitt will fail to notice this, as he has failed to notice much else about the city, closed shops, litter, etc. Still, should his electric car gets him to Esperance, it might break down and he will have to stay down there where he can re-develop the place and leave Fremantle alone.
Geoff Dunstone
Carrington St, Palmyra

Coining clutter
MORE clutter to the footpaths of central Fremantle. The latest obstructions, coin boxes for the poor, represents a Dickensian era attitude to resolving a social blight by side-stepping it. Condescendingly relegating responsibility to coin boxes places council on a par with them.
Colin Nichol
Paddington Court, St Pauls

That’s entertainment
SEND in the clowns (“Circus school survives,” Herald, December 17, 2015)!
It seems that if the tax office won’t help, then Fremantle council will always come to the rescue.
Yet again our elected councillors blindly vote away council and ratepayer funds to organisations that obviously can’t manage their affairs and set aside a portion of profits for tax liabilities. It seems anyone who puts their hand out lately has direct access to the council coffers.
Just mention the arts, sustainability or you are a struggling environmentalist and you’ll be in the money.
Has our council ensured this money is paid back in a reasonable time or is it a gift to the arts? Will the council help me out as I am part of a not-for-profit family struggling to pay the 100 per cent increase in our rates over the past three years (from $1400 to $2900 this year)?
No wonder Fremantle appears in the top council rate increase list year on year.
Perhaps “clown cars” come in hybrid or plug-in electric for the mayor’s next upgrade and romantic getaway!
Andrew Luobikis
Mardie St, Beaconsfield

Be open to all needs
SALLY RAINE, as secretary for “Save Freo beaches” (Herald Thinking Allowed, December 19, 2015) may not have been associated with South Beach and surrounds for as long as I have and may not be aware on where this “pristine” beach came from. It was not always as it is today.
I can only agree no-one would want to lose this place, but we should all be open to the needs of all the community who use this area.
The Department of Transport is the authority carrying out the aquatic review survey, not Fremantle Sailing Club.
A PDF document, “South Beach Myth” is available and I encourage people to take the time to read it.
Brian Cooper

Let’s think about what we want
WITH Roe 8 stopped by the courts due to a flawed EPA process, which would similarly delay any Roe 9, my question is, what would we like to see this situation head into?
It is clear that infrastructure development and preparing for future generations is a goal, but what are the short-term steps to get something positive done in this situation?
Infrastructure improvements exist to help us gain a competitive advantage in a positive, lawful and sustainable way. Is there merit in taking the whole Roe 8/9 thing off the agenda, and starting again? Will that buy us some time and help our state’s dire cash flow and economic situation?
Is there corridor space along that goods line to get to Stock Road (as mooted by Cockburn council)? Should the Roe 8/9 idea be parked so it can synergise with the sale of Fremantle port? How can we get these ideas into the WA government to open dialogue?
Jamie Bradford
Steiner Ave, Success

A lesser experience
GREED has its own consequences. The Fremantle Markets will be a lesser experience without The Bar (Herald, December 19, 2015).
That “markets atmosphere” will diminish and young, local musicians and their patrons will be deprived of a great venue.
While current markets management are within their rights to squeeze every dollar from available floorspace, they show no consideration for their long-term customers or past managers who knew this bar is an intrinsic piece of the Markets character.
So, a short-sighted, selfish “business decision” robs us all of another small bit of what makes Fremantle and its markets unique.
To Paul and Michelle, previous bar lessees, musicians and customers, thanks for some great times and fond memories over the past 35 years.
David Curtis
Coolgardie Ave, East Fremantle

Let’s hope
FOLLOWING Chief Justice Wayne Martin’s Roe 8 judgment, let’s hope the rule of law will at last end the flow of fake official “environmental protection” assessments.
The stony recalcitrance of Premier Barnett and his minions is reason to punish them at the next election. But we need much more reform than a mere change of government.
The equally scandalous LandCorp plan to convert public parkland at Cape Peron to a huge private canal estate is not opposed by Labor leader and Rockingham local member Mark McGowan.
The former Navy man seems to relish the idea of submarines and carriers over penguins, dolphins, sea lions and pelicans. So the community’s environment will again have to be defended by the courts.
However, hurrah! the prospect of conserving a Cape Peron coastal park has now been wonderfully boosted by the integrity of Justice Martin and our Supreme Court.
Brian Jenkins
San Domingo Close, Safety Bay

Blatant greed
THE Fremantle Sailing Club’s recurrent bids to rip off the northern end of Dog Beach constitute yet another blatant example of WA greed. It is depressing to live in a society in which greed at whatever level passes for behavioural normalcy. However, rather than depart for Tasmania, Oregon or Maine, and very much in line with the better traditions of my homeland, I will stay and fight to preserve Dog Beach.
CE Dortch
Howard St, Fremantle

No, no, no
ONCE again the Fremantle Sailing Club is after one of the last beaches in Fremantle, South Beach.
We are tired but we will fight again. The swimming and passive recreation people have apparently not been consulted again before a biased survey is put out. It’s all about boats and motor boats.
Once motor boats are allowed to launch from the beach or come into the area of 120 metres of the beach, how long do you think it will be before the sailing club enclose that, as it has done before, saying “oh it is unsafe for swimmers now”.
It is not only 30 metres it wants, it is 120m, because the area in front of the rocks is a lovely sandy beach all through the summer. This adds up to 28 per cent of the dog beach.
My disabled friend has just brought her adventure sticks to walk in the water as she observed another woman doing. It is an ideal area for the elderly and disabled, using the stairway.
Kids, dogs, families, paddlers and swimmers who swim from groyne to groyne love this beach.
When you fill out the survey put no, no, no. Neither is meaningless probably.
It is a very deviously worded survey.
The amenity of the beaches in Fremantle is what helps to make it a top tourist destination .
Sailing club members come from far and wide and rarely use local businesses, I believe.
Sandra Pratt
Orient St, South Fremantle

Fishy paint job
SOMEONE has a great sense of humour. Loved the paint job to the ancient man sculpture in front of Cicerello’s in Fremantle!
L McKie
Eagles supporter

Another reason to rethink link
IS it true that dangerous goods are forbidden to use tunnels anywhere in Australia? That kind of puts Roe 9 in the lurch so to speak. A freight link to Fremantle Port via tunnel? Another good reason to rethink the link. Also, if the PFL is built as a toll road, both the state government and its private partner will have a financial invest in killing off rail freight.
Brad Capes
Miranda Cres, Coolbelup

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