Superfood up, up and acai

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EAT it in your lap, on the grass or even with a dog.

To steal a rhyme from Dr Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham, you can have an acai bowl here or there. You can have it anywhere.

And Fremantle foodies certainly have taken a page from the book.

You just have to look at the Instagram photos tagged at Ohana Acai Bar on Market Street for proof of the brunch trend.

I pore through the photos: most are birds’-eye views of the icy, purple delight (an acai bowl is basically a thick smoothie made with the berry superfood and topped with delectable goodies).

I pop in with workmate Jenny D’Anger for quick, hipster-healthy brunch.

14. 2FOOD 2

You can be picky: choose a base (either banana or mango), add some crunch (fancy almonds or cocoa nibs?), top it with fruit (raspberries, yes please)  and some superfoods (bee pollen, #yuck, an acquired taste).

All variations are stunning to the eye — it’s surely the most photogenic breakfast.

What a line — and what a time to be alive. Are any Gen Xers or baby boomers shaking their heads?

As an iGen gal I snap a selfie with Jen, then hoe in. It’s the perfect breakfast for summer, and I can see how the three-month-young business is thriving despite only offering the bowls, tea and coffee, and raw balls.

It has supported locals by getting its stock from Fremantle businesses such as Kakulas Sister. Yes, how acai-ting.


Ohana Acai Bar
28 Market St, Fremantle
0404 174 004

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