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COMBINING UV body paint, circus, and puppetry, Luminous is the only show of its kind in the world, and it’s coming to Freo Royale next week.

Luminous Creator Jessica Watson Miller says, “there isn’t a show that is the same experience” and describes it as an “immersive world” created before its audience.

The show, performed in pitch black, will incorporate puppetry and four circus performers glowing with UV body paint, creating a world Watson Miller says is “honestly somewhere I want to go”.

Watson Miller, who creates and paints the UV designs on performers, is an expert in all styles of body painting and was named Australian body painting champion four times. She is ranked fourth in the world in professional brush and sponge body painting.

• Photos supplied | Jackie Tran

• Photos supplied | Jackie Tran

Watson Miller says Luminous “is an attempt to make visual art something you engage with”, as “too often we look at a piece of art, but it’s kind of dead”.

Without giving too much away, Watson Miller says much of the show celebrates that body painting is a temporary art form, like “making sandcastles”.

“We go to great lengths to show this world that starts from almost nothing, then expands to become a world of fully functional creates, then show that breaking and being destroyed,” she says.

“In this world where everything can be videoed and recorded, it’s interesting to see something that you can’t just replicate and share on Facebook, its not going to be there waiting for you when you want it.”

Luminous runs 28 January to 4 February at 9.30pm

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