Bunnings acts on natives request

A LONE crusade by Susanne Taylor-Rees has resulted in Bunnings doing a u-turn and planting native trees at its Myaree store carpark.

The DIY behemoth had been set to plant 19 Chinese pear trees—after ripping out semi-mature trees that were lifting up kerbs—but Ms Taylor-Rees’ swift protest stopped the plans in their tracks.

After Bunnings staff spotted the Chook taking a photo of her for last week’s story, ’ head office went into full reverse-thrust, reconsidered and decided to plant native tuarts instead.

“I am hopeful after conversations with both the state and national Bunnings head office that the priority will be to plant native trees where-ever possible,” Ms Taylor-Rees says.

“The love affair with ornamental trees species needs to change. Natives offer so many more benefits to the environment such as sustainability, assisting in creating corridors for wildlife, food and habitat for native birds along with being better adapted to the local environment.

• Susanne Taylor-Rees celebrates at Bunnings in Myaree. Photo by Matthew Dwyer

• Susanne Taylor-Rees celebrates at Bunnings in Myaree. Photo by Matthew Dwyer


“This is the best outcome I could have hoped for, with local native tuarts being planted and Bunnings going above and beyond now looking at additional opportunities to plant on verges at their Melville store.”

Melville city council CEO Shayne Silcox says the council also prefers that local native species are planted whenever possible.

“The city did not receive advance warning of the removal of the trees, which were originally planted as a requirement of the original planning approval for the store,” he says.

“The city has requested a new landscaping plan be submitted detailing the proposed tree species, including their number and size, and expects to receive the revised plan in due course.

“Once received, the city will assess the landscaping plan and determine whether the species selected are acceptable.”


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