Libs look at Sufi for Freo

AN “intellectual conservative” is in the running to be the Liberal Party’s federal candidate for Fremantle.

Sherry Sufi, Liberal state policy chair and Fremantle division secretary, confirmed he’d been contacted by the party and is considering his options.

Mr Sufi previously worked for state speaker Michael Sutherland in his Mt Lawley electoral office.

In 2013 Mr Sufi sought election to Cockburn council, contesting east ward. He finished last with 515 votes and 11.32 per cent of the vote.

A Liberal insider told the Herald Mr Sufi was regarded as an “intellectual conservative”, who had contributed articles to the conservative think-tank Menzies House.

The Herald hasn’t heard whether Matthew Hanssen, who ran for the Liberals in 2013 and won 38.14 per cent of the primary vote (to Labor’s 40.82), and took Labor’s 2PP margin to under five per cent, is interested in trying again. In January his Beaconsfield home and business were damaged by fire.


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