Kids go wild for giant eye

LIKE an explosion in a feather factory, kids ran screaming as a giant mouth appeared from nowhere in the White Gum Valley primary school undercroft.

Seconds earlier, the excitement of a giant puppet eye, followed by an ear and nose — complete with a booger — had teachers ordering “no screaming!”.

But the mouth, tongue hanging out, proved too much and pandemonium erupted with a deafening mix of tears and laughter.

“I wasn’t scared, but I didn’t want to get run over by other kids,” Greer, 9, told the Herald.

Those Snuff Puppets really know how to make an entrance and if the pre-street arts festival visit was anything to go by the streets of Fremantle over the Easter weekend will be a laugh-a-minute.

• Greer, Rita and Nina see eye to eye with a Snuff Puppet at White Gum Valley primary. Photo by Steve Grant

• Greer, Rita and Nina see eye to eye with a Snuff Puppet at White Gum Valley primary. Photo
by Steve Grant

The Melbourne-based troupe tours the world with their giant body parts, production manager Katrina Chandra says.

There’s an adult version of the show, but for schools things are toned down.

But you can never pick how kids will react, she says: “A child will laugh or cry, sometimes they do both.”

The primary school prides itself on its arts program: last week the kids visited Sculptures by the Sea says acting principal Kevin Donetta.

The Snuff Puppets visit will be incorporated into lessons: “It’s an exciting way to engage children. It’s real, these people are performing in the street arts festival.”

The three-day festival kicks off Easter Saturday (March 26).

If you get your Herald early enough, DADAA is running its audio description for selected shows again. Designed for visually impaired people to enjoy the the busking action it was a huge success last year.

It’s free and shows include The English Gents, Kinematos and Lords of Strut on Sunday and Monday. Places are limited and you’ll need to book. Call Jacquie Homer on 0400 111 018.


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