Cyclist injured at black spot

A CYCLIST required ambulance assistance Thursday after being hit by a 4WD at the South Terrace and Little Lefroy Lane intersection—a traffic black spot that locals have been complaining about for years.

Roasting Warehouse staffer Gabriella Carciotto was left shaken after witnessing the incident.

“The lady went to turn right onto South Terrace, but pulled out in front of a 4WD and got hit,” she says.

“She was on the ground for ages, but seemed to be okay after some help from the ambulance crew.

“That intersection is a real bad one and I’ve had loads of close calls myself.”

Last month local blogger Roel Loopers had predicted there would be a right-turn accident.

“The area is now packed with very popular cafes and eateries and traffic management needs to be improved soon before bad accidents happen,” he wrote.

“The intersection of Lefroy Road and South Terrace has become dangerous as it is near impossible to see traffic coming from Fremantle when one wants to turn right from Lefroy Road onto South Tce toward the city.

“If 4WD or vans are parked next to the Little Lefroy Cafe one has to drive into the flow of traffic so that one can observe traffic coming from Freo.”

Belinda Keenan, convenor of the South Fremantle Precinct, is calling on the council to improve safety on South Terrace, especially at the intersection.

Mayor Brad Pettitt says the council is looking at installing traffic calming, but that is at least a year away.

“Part of the problem is that people treat South Terrace as a through road, but there has been an explosion of cafes in that area and we need to lower the speed of vehicles.

“Parked cars and 4WDs can reduce visibility at the intersection.”


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