MP pens steamy tale

A NOVEL that fuses Apocalypse Now with erotic prose has been written by Liberal Tangney MP Dennis Jensen.

“[He touched] her inner thigh until he felt the warm wetness with his hand…She pulled his trousers off, ripped the underpants off excitedly, and took him in her mouth,” Dr Jensen wrote.

The Australian newspaper revealed the controversial MP had written to literary agent Curtis­Brown in 2007—using his parliamentary letterhead—to seek publication of The Sky Warriors, a novel that details a fictional war between Australia and an Indonesian-Chinese coalition. As well as pulse-raising war scenes, the still-unpublished novel features steamy scenes between mad Indonesian dictator Rajiv Rono and his young mistress.

“Yasmine didn’t believe in wearing bras; in fact, she really didn’t need to wear them as her breasts were still as firm as they had been in her late teens. Rono massaged her small, soft brown breasts, luxuriating in the silky complexion of her skin. He moved his hand up her inner thigh. ‘Yes,’ she moaned. ‘Do it now, please, don’t wait any longer.’”

Dr Jensen initially denied he’d worked on the book following his election in 2004, but when told of the 2007 letter he admitted to The Australian he had.

The MP is locked in a tough pre-selection battle with former WA Liberal state director Ben Morton to hold onto his seat, and the steamy penmanship may not go down well with his backers in the Liberals’ evangelical right wing.

Dr Jensen has never been popular with local branch members, who’ve voted twice to dump him in previous preselections.

His fate will be decided when the powerful Liberal state council, scheduled to meet April 9, votes to endorse the local choice or override it.


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