LETTERS 14.5.16


Just quickly…
I ALWAYS mean to write in to the Herald on various issues but don’t find the time. Love the idea presented by Moira in last week’s letter — the old Woolstore would be a fabulous civic / local council building!
I do not support the PFL project at all but the outer harbour project also has serious environmental impacts which will also need to be addresssed.
Brad — more action, less photo ops in the media. Chris Brown — you’re not Melissa and I don’t support the Labor Party due to the fact someone from the MUA can be preselected.
Samson St, White Gum Valley

Fair go for Freo
MARK TAYLOR (Herald letters, May 7, 2016) attacks me for trying to promote Fremantle and its history, and refers to the sorry saga of our founder, Captain Charles Fremantle.
It is true that the premier did say he would consider putting $100,000 towards some form of commemoration of the man who claimed Western Australia for the British and after whom Fremantle is named. But the bile heaped on the poor man by those who know so little of him has slowed any chance of getting the money or the commemoration.
Mark Taylor criticises me because “numerous people wasted their time on this proposal”, but the truth is the only person who has wasted their time and money so far is moi. I have made two trips to the UK to visit Fremantle family members and have been given exciting new historical material which I passed to the Herald, and which was published for the first time anywhere in the world.
I am still working with the family,  and even last week I received a new and exciting account of Charles Fremantle’s gallantry as an 11-year-old, fighting on the deck of the Ramillies against the Americans in the war of 1812.
The mayor has shown no interest and has turned Arthur Head into a venue for rock concerts and booze instead of the state’s most important heritage precinct where Captain Fremantle stuck his flag in May 1829.
The mayor says the premier should write to him, but that’s not how things work. There is no commemoration in Fremantle to Charles Fremantle. I intend to keep working on this issue at my own expense, because the man is important and his life is an interesting story.
John Dowson
Mouat St, Fremantle

Trees please
MELVILLE mayor Russell Aubrey recently stated the necessity of additional trees to combat suburban summer heat.
The current infill program of splitting single residential land into multiple dwellings does not permit trees to be planted within the subdivision, nor on street verges.
Ardross is an example of residential infill changing our amenity. An added problem comes from multiple driveways  which reduces kerbside parking to zero. The result is our local parks become parking spaces for people wishing to visit family and friends.
In the case of relocating the Mount Pleasant Bowling Club. Shirley Strickland reserve has a large  perimeter of eucalyptus trees. Gum trees are notorious for shedding leaves from their lofty branches all summer.
The game of bowls will continually be interrupted due to leaves cascading down from both easterly winds and the Fremantle doctor. Yep, you guessed it — the trees will have to go.
Leave our suburb alone. We bought off the plan to live with the facilities which are in place. It’s not for some Johnny-come-lately to decide what the council desires is in the best interest of the ratepayers who live here.
Malcolm Taylor
Portree Way, Ardross


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