LETTERS 11.6.16

Room to meet important
NEWS items regarding the closing of community centres in Melville city and then the announcement by the mayor of the aim to have 50000 more residents and 18000 new homes suggests he has not been following the short-sited decisions to close the schools in the western suburbs and the problems when your ratepayers have no facilities to socialise.
Jim Stewart
Studley Rd, Attadale

It’s music to my ears
I WISH to commend Mr Reppas and Ms Sciascia on their plan to open an autism-friendly restaurant on South Terrace.
As a musician, teacher, examiner and a mum, I deal with children both professionally and personally every day and see first-hand the challenges faced by families of autistic children.
The idea of a safe place to go out and enjoy a family meal must be music to the ears of such families.
Mr Reppas and Ms Sciascia show fantastic insight in creating an thoughtful physical environment as well as training staff in dealing with these wonderful kids.
I hope this project is a huge success and that it is the first of many!
Julia Toussaint-Jackson
Holland Street, Fremantle 

A form of segregation
I CURRENTLY work with children with autism; despite their challenges they fill my heart with joy and are the reason I get up every morning.
Therefore, I was shocked to read that a restaurant was being designed specifically for people with autism (“Autism restaurant a first”, Herald, June 4, 2016).
While I can understand the appeal of this idea, particularly for parents of children with autism, I feel it could lead us on a dangerous path.
Having restaurants of this nature is essentially segregation.
It wouldn’t be socially acceptable to open up a restaurant for people with physical disabilities and the same should hold true for those with developmental and intellectual disabilities.  We should be looking at ways of making all restaurants more autism-friendly and building awareness of autism.
I have experienced the unfair assumptions that can come from some members of the public.
If this comes from naivety, then surely reducing people’s exposure to autism will only make the problem worse in the long run.
Lucy Buchanan
Nasturtium Gardens, Beeliar
The Ed says: We’re pretty sure the idea is not to exclude other diners, but to make sure people with autistic family members or friends know they are welcome – pretty much as you’re suggesting. It’s just that being the first to take the plunge, they stand out a bit.

Cappuccino take-away
I THINK all the talk of the demise of the cappuccino strip in South Terrace is over-exaggerated.
The cappuccino strip is alive and well as far as I can see! It’s just moved … to South Fremantle.
Yes, put pins of cafes on a map of South Terrace and there are more cafes in the South Fremantle section than in Fremantle itself.
And they’re busier all week long.
Why? You might ask. Could it be the free parking down there?… Surely not…
Michael Willicombe
Chudleigh St, Fremantle

Artwork to get a reboot
HEY, “Name Withheld”, I’m stoked you liked my painting on Little Lefroy (“Time to clean the moron up,” Herald, June 4, 2016).
I am actually in conversation with the lovely owners and we are organising it to be touched up.
This is a time-consuming process and the wet weather has been a little hindrance.
But I just wanted to ease your mind and say that it will be sorted out soon.
I also think that it’s a powerful message for people to see the painting has been defaced.
It reminds us that even if there are people around us that agree with our perspectives there is still a battle to be fought on this issue.

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