Rebels appeal

COCKBURN mayor Logan Howlett didn’t attend a briefing by the Organised Crime Squad a week before voting in favour of the Rebels motorcycle club having a permanent clubhouse in Bibra Lake.

“I was not present at the briefing, however if the WA Police have evidence of potential risk to the safety of the community, then they should consider taking appropriate action,” he says.

“Members of the community can contact the city, or any member of the council, on matters that concern them.

“In this case, I stated at the meeting that I had not heard from anyone in regard to this matter, aside from the two written non-objections in the officer’s report to council.”

The motion was ultimately defeated and Rebels member Mark Rodgers says they will appeal the council’s decision at the State Administrative Tribunal.

“Will be holding our meetings at Gateway’s in the meantime,” he says.
”We met all the planning guidelines and there was no complaints during our two-year trial, so council will waste thousands of ratepayers’ dollars taking this to SAT, as it will get approved.”

In 2014 Cockburn council approved a two-year trial for the Rebels to use a factory unit in Bibra Lake as a clubhouse, after an initial knock-back was overturned by the state administrative tribunal.

The Rebels want to make it a permanent base, increasing the number of members allowed from 25 to 70 and to stay open until midnight instead of 9pm on Tuesdays. Council voted 6/3 against the clubhouse.


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