In this time of loss…
Happy memories can be turned into a beautiful monument
Arranging a memorial for a loved one can be difficult and sometimes overwhelming. There are so many questions to answer: Where to go? Who to buy from? What monuments are available? What am I allowed?
When a loved one departs, we are left with only memories. Reflecting on happy memories allows us to reconnect with our loved ones and bring us joy. At Forever Shining, those memories can be turned into a beautiful monument that will last a lifetime.
Forever Shining has a large range of products available: Headstones, Full Memorials, Plaques and Urns. The caring and experienced team offers assistance and guidance through the entire process, making it as easy as possible.
Forever Shining’s website has an extensive gallery to choose from. Alternatively you can design your own personalised memorial online with 7 easy steps. Forever Shining offers a wide range of premium materials, including Australia’s only laser etching into premium black granite. This product delivers premium photographic quality and has a lifetime guarantee.
The professional team at Forever Shining go the extra mile, ensuring the monument meets all cemetery rules and regulations. It offers the full installment package, from buying a memorial to cemetery installation. To avoid all the hassle, and have your questions answered, contact Forever Shining for the perfect memorial.
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Peace of Mind
Pre-paying funerals as important as retirement savings
Many people do not pre-pay their funerals, even though it is just as important as saving for retirement, according to Hetherington Funerals Director Eric Dekker.
“Every week we experience the trauma of families who have neglected to plan for the funeral of their loved ones. Only last week a family member told me how pre-planning their uncle’s funeral would have saved the family a lot of time, money and heartache,” said Mr Dekker.
The nephew said the family couldn’t fulfill his uncle’s wishes because they didn’t know what they were. Many Western Australians have not adequately planned for their future, especially in regards to financial planning. Until compulsory superannuation came along, many people didn’t think about their retirement, yet there are huge benefits in doing so.
“I know of families who have had to scramble to find money for a funeral because there was none set aside. A particular example was a man’s body left in a rest home for over a day because his family couldn’t afford to get him cremated. The executor couldn’t afford the cremation fees and signing over the body to the funeral director would have made him liable for all the costs. It was a very distressing situation at a very stressful time, one that could so easily have been avoided had there been some pre-planning,” he added.
Mr Dekker said there were a variety of funeral plan structures available and people needed to consider their options carefully.
Suzanne Grogan from Hetherington Funerals is a specialist in this area and can help people with their advanced funeral planning. Ms Grogan can explain all you need to know and ensure the vital information necessary to meet legal requirements will be contained in a free Family Records Portfolio.
This document, once completed, will contain all the wishes of the deceased thus alleviating the burden placed on those left behind as well as payment details for the funeral.
“Advanced planning for your funeral is nothing but an extension of financial literacy and retirement planning. As a society we need to consider this sooner rather than later if people are to avoid the pain and stress needlessly suffered by too many,” Mr Dekker said.
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