Long wave goodbye for Melville bowlers

MELVILLE may soon have WA’s first man-made surf lagoon.

Wave Park Group has submitted a proposal for the 325-metre wave pool to be constructed near Tompkins Park, which would seal the fate of the Melville bowling club.

WPG has unveiled similar plans for Melbourne and Sydney, and only settled on Melville after its proposal for Subiaco oval was knocked back by the state government earlier this year.

The pool will be capable of generating a variety of waves up to two metres high, creating ideal surf conditions for all skill levels.

It will be considered by Melville in October.

With news of a potential wave of urban surfers, incoming bowling club president Ken Atkins has now signalled he’ll be urging club members to work with the council to merge with the Mt Pleasant bowling club into a nearby sporting hub. It’s’ a major change from his passionate defence of the club at June’s council meeting, where he and former East Fremantle mayor Tim Smith had argued the old clubrooms were an integral part of the community.

Mr Atkins admits he’s in a tight spot as many club members are still strongly opposed to moving.

“We want the Melville bowling club to get the best outcome going forward, Mr Atkins says.

“Some members would say ‘fight fight fight,’…but the majority may be convinced that the brand new building with synthetic greens and magnificent views of the city may be a worthwhile replacement for what we’ve got.”

Former president Gary McCormack is more explicitly in favour of the sporting hub, saying the move will be good for the club’s culture and the sport of bowls.

“We’re promised our own bar facilities, function rooms, huge cover over the greens providing cover from the sun.

“The future of our club is to run with the council and to go into a nice new premises,” Mr McCormack says.

Mr McCormack is also cheerful about the wave lagoon which might replace their clubhouse.

“I think it would be the most unique thing in WA…the most marvellous thing for Perth if done properly.

“I’ve got grandkids and they would just love it.”


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