Feeling seedy’s not a bad thing

BRUSCHETTA (pronounced brusketta as my Italian friend kept correcting me on a trip to Rome) comes in as many guises as there are varieties of tomatoes.

Without going out on a limb I’d say Nine Seeds, on Marmion Street, Fremantle has nailed what is in essence a simple dish, and I reckon this was the best I’ve eaten ($17).

It arrived beautifully decorated with three fresh pansy flowers, winning me over even before getting down to eating.



When I did it was a “wow” moment as the sharpness of the mix of different varieties of warm, tiny tomatoes hit home in a medley of fantastic flavours.

The liberal sprinkling of feta was a soft as a baby’s bottom and its creaminess spot on with the sharpness of the toms.

Then there was the liberal slathering of guacamole over one of two slices of toast.

Simply great.

My lunch mate went for the khan burger, which at $12.50 was deemed cheap for a serve so huge she couldn’t finish.


It too was a simple dish, although I initially thought it looked a tad dry. First bite put me back in my place, the moist patty with its Middle East-inspired spices oozing rich oiliness to meld with tahini and caramelised onions and soak into the bread.

“It’s really good,” my friend said with a contented smile and a mouthful.

We’d kicked off with a beetroot, ginger, apple and celery juice for me and a banana smoothie for my companion, (both $7).

My juice was really good, with a very pleasant kick from a generous amount of ginger.


And the smoothie was, well smooth. And creamy.

Not being able to finish didn’t deter my mate from ordering a lemon syrup cake ($5) with her very good cappuccino, although in fairness it was so big she took half back to the office for afternoon tea.

I had the chocolate cake, a surfeit of calories that tasted so good I didn’t care.


Nine Seeds
121 Marmion St, Fremantle
open 7day  6am–3pm

36 Kiosk 10x3 36 Leopold Hotel 10x3

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