LETTERS 10.9.16


Valley love
RIDING your bike to school is fun especially when you go downhill really fast.
Friday was another morning like any other; the young one left to ride to school and we arranged to meet at the canteen to put in the lunch oder.
Driving down Hope Street I saw the little one come a cropper and fall off the bike.
I was heartened to see three gentlemen rush to give assistance.
As we put the bike back in the car and tended to wounded knees and tears of disappointment, I was thankful there was a helping hand from people we may not know but who share the Valley vibe.
To those gentlemen, thank you, your actions reinforce the spirit of community we enjoy in the valley.
Carol Huish
Hope Street, White Gum Valley

Vote with your wallet, then with your pen
CONGRATULATIONS to the Bathers Beach business people that have decided to put on fireworks on Australia Day.
One hopes that the ratepayers of Fremantle respond in two ways.
Firstly, to support and acknowledge those businesses with their patronage.
Secondly, when casting their vote at the next election, to remember the sneering contempt with which the mayor views those of us that celebrate and love our country, warts and all.
Glenn Arendts
Attfield St, Fremantle

Polly cracker
CAPTION for polly photo on last week’s front page: “First to find the fake ad is allowed to go home early.”
Lee Evans
Weld Road, Palmyra
The Ed says: Congratulation Lee, you’ve picked up our prize. Drop in to the Herald office at 41-45 Cliff Street to pick up your book.

Land Shortage?
I FEEL I must add my voice to the growing concern over a Wave Park on the river foreshore at Alfred Cove.
I am absolutely amazed at the minds of the Melville councillors to consider in any way the suitability of such a facility in that iconic position.
Not only is the bowling club being pushed out after 60 years, the surrounding ratepayers, Atwell House (artists hub), the world class heritage bird sanctuary, indigenous concerns, and the walking and biking enthusiasts using the river path will all be affected.
Not to mention the noise factor and traffic chaos that will occur.
I also have grandchildren, but they could easily visit the beach three kilometres away. Why not go to John Connell Reserve at Leeming (which apparently was suggested at some stage)?
Please leave the community — present and in future — with this beautiful, calming, space.
Life shouldn’t be ruled by the almighty dollar,
Helen D’ Alton

DO we really need fireworks over fireworks when the real issue is: What is the best way to celebrate the fusion of ancient and modern Australia?
The starting point should surely be the wonderful benefits that fusion brings to all of us in terms of culture and economy.
I can’t list all the achievements of Aussie science, sport, and industry, or the triumphs of indigenous arts which often put our country on the world map.
Of course we have to acknowledge the mistakes made along the way, some with terrible consequences still costing all of us today.
We could look together into the sources of those errors, such as the different way we celebrated the great universal energy that drives our world, and compare the more innocent ancient wisdom with some of the baggage of a rather opportunistic modern outlook.
Two and a half thousand years ago, at the interface between ancient and modern, the Hebrew Bible offered a hopeful guide: you should love your neighbour as yourself. (Leviticus 19:18)
A mantra expressing a deeper experience was given us by Reagan from USA and Gorbachev from Russia when they ended the cold war: We need each other.
Ted Zeffertt
Solomon Street, Fremantle

Fired up
COUNCILLOR Hume got it right they are two seperate issues.
I challenge this ego-tripping council to go out there in the real world and ask what people think about your decision.
You’re not going to get a collective peace prize.
I believe this council should serve as a council and not try to change the world’s politics.
Dean Whineray
Varna Place, Coolbellup

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