Sun-power chords

STUDENTS from South Fremantle high school will soon be singing the praises of sustainability from their own solar-powered portable stage.

Every year the kids tour WA, and music coordinator Mike Gowland says the innovative stage will let them play to bigger audiences and in remote locations.

“We previous played at set venues, but we struggled to attract a lot of people because they had to buy tickets and make a concerted effort to get there,” he says.

“But with the mobile stage, people walking by can just stop and listen.

“We are reaching a lot more people and can play in all sorts of weather now.”

• South Fremantle SHS pupils rock out on the “Solar Stage”. Photo supplied

• South Fremantle SHS pupils rock out on the “Solar Stage”. Photo supplied

Donations paid for most of the materials and tradie parents volunteered to build the 6×5 metre stage, which can be folded up in minutes and slung on a trailer.

Boffins at Murdoch University reckon they can power the whole rig, including PA, mixing desk and lighting, using the latest solar technology.

Pre-charged batteries will be used when there is not enough sun to generate the required 1.5 megawatts of electricity, or if pupils want to rock-out at night.

Mr Gowland said students get the full tour experience, but without the groupies and drugs, or biting the heads off bats.

“Our music program is fantastic and kids not only play at shows, but manage the production, work the mixing desk, roadie and do everything that is required to put on a show.”

The young musos will christen the stage at this Sunday’s Grower’s Green Farmer’s Market in Beaconsfield, and we reckon the first tune should be the Beatles’ Here Comes the Sun.



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