Bull Creek – home of the great Aussie pie

IF the Royal Show’s bread and pastry awards are anything to go by, some of the best sausage rolls in WA come from Oven Crisp bakery in Bull Creek’s Stockland shopping centre.

Being a bit of an authority on all-things-tasty, the Chook just had to see what all the fuss was about.

Over the years Oven Crisp has snagged awards for its chocolate eclairs, vanilla slices, and meat pies, so we had high expectations when a spread of baked goods was brought in to share around the office.


The talked-up platter drew mixed reactions, which is not surprising given our in-house food experts are hard to please even when hungry.

Some voices remarked they probably wouldn’t pick the sausage rolls for first-place (diplomatically describing them as “not un-delicious”), but others went in to bat for the dense, crispy pastries.

That’s probably why the judges at the show only felt up to giving Oven Crisp a silver, but given there were no golds awarded this year and four silvers, it still puts them up with the best Perth has to offer.

“Best tasting sausage roll that I’ve had this year,” said Bryan from accounts.

There was much less indecision about their famous meat pies; which were rich, flavoursome, and completely devoid of gristle.


“I’d say this is the peak of the pie/sausage roll game before you get into wanky Heston Blumenthal… style territory,” journalist David Bell said.

Chief of staff Steve Grant agreed: “What a pie. I knew it had a good pedigree from the first bite, as the filling was thick and beefy. The pastry was also nice and firm — no having to frantically slurp the contents to stop it all from collapsing in your hand. I’m sure I detected the slightest hint of curry in the meat, just enough to give it a full flavour.

“It’s no wonder this little wonder won the Great Aussie Pie competition in Sydney this week.

“The sausage roll didn’t instantly grab me, so maybe the Royal Show judges look for something different. It was certainly a fine roll with a firm pastry and meaty filling, but it seemed to be almost clinical in its perfection where I prefer something a little more rustic, even to the point the edges are starting to turn dangerously brown.

“Having a lugdunamic sweet tooth, I’ve inhaled more vanilla slices than is generally considered healthy, and I rate this one highly. Clearly a deft touch was behind the custard filling, as it was smooth, silky and delicious, yet held its shape to the last bite. The pastry was not too thick, nor thin, while the icing steered clear of the glugginess that often blights sub-standard snot blocks.”


Food reviewing sensei Jenny D’Anger was feeling abstemious on this occasion, but nibbled on some of the dessert pastries.

“My favourite was the chocolaty hedgehog, just the thing to boost the energy levels in the race to deadline,” she said.

The vanilla slices were also a hit.

“The custard was nice and firm with a smooth texture and not sweet. The icing had just the right sweetness and gooey and sticky,” said Tania from copy control.

Myra in advertising gave the vanilla slice a 9.5/10.

Oven Crisp has a wall covered in plaques for all their bakery awards, which seem well-deserved given how fast 8 boxes of their pastries disappeared from the Herald office.


Oven Crisp Bakery
Bull Creek Shopping Centre
Benningfield Road, Bull Creek
Monday – Wednesday 8am – 6pm
Thursday 8am – 8pm
Saturday 8am – 5pm
Sunday 11am – 5pm

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