Hooked on Fishing!

953features-marineWest Aussies are very lucky to live along one of the most spectacular aquatic environments in the world. The state’s vast coastline and pristine ocean is rich in marine life. And it’s fair to say with over 740,000 people participating in recreational fishing, WA is fishing mad. Whether perched on an old wooden jetty or living it up on a sleek charter boat, amateur anglers are hooked…there’s nothing quite like getting that first bite!
With so many people enjoying recreational fishing across the state, maintaining a healthy marine ecosystem is crucial to the future of this very popular pastime. WA is also home to the nation’s most valuable commercial fisheries such as western rock lobster and pearling. To ensure there’s enough fishing stocks for the future, an integrated approach across both recreational and commercial is vital. Indeed the WA lobster industry has gained global recognition for its sustainability.



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