Mills under spotlight

FOLLOWING last week’s Herald front page story,  (Mills to go? October 1, 2016) Fremantle council reclassified the redevelopment of Mills Records as “significant”, and it will now be widely advertised and open for public comment until November 7 – with a community information session in the wings.

The future of the long-standing record shop was thrown into doubt when plans emerged to redeveloped the site into five-storey tourist accommodation with ground floor retail.

Council staff have told Mill’s owner Andrew Bailey if he is evicted he would be given help to find other Fremantle premises.

The proposed five-storey accommodation includes 40 rooms, 12 parking spaces and a shop.

Responding to criticism for failing to advise Mr Bailey, the landlord said the real estate company managing the site had written to tenants prior to the development being advertised: “Not all tenants were available. Those that were, were advised.”


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