Rottnest – A marine paradise

The Rottnest Island Marine Reserve has a far greater range of habitats, marine plants and animals than the mainland coastline.

With its extensive seagrass meadows Rottnest Island is second only to Shark Bay in species diversity.

Approximately 400 species of fish and twenty species of coral occur within the Marine Reserve. The Island is also a popular area for migrating humpback whales, bottlenose dolphins, New Zealand Fur Seals and Australian sea lions.

Get up and close to the resident New Zealand Fur Seals colony whilst they flip and play together in the bay and enjoy basking on the rocks. Spot the colony from the New Catherdral Rocks viewing platform.

Bottlenose Dolphins

Spot a pod of Bottlenose dolphins feeding & surfing in Salmon Bay (north).

Join or view some of the 135 species of tropical fish recorded round the island. A major factor influencing this diversity is the position of the Island in the path of the warm Leeuwin Current. This current often brings tropical visitors to our waters such as the Green Turtle.

Secluded beaches, turquoise seas and the friendliest marsupials you’ll ever meet are just three good reasons to come to Rottnest Island. You’re guaranteed to love it!


Amid these stunning natural surroundings, Karma Rottnest Lodge offers a serene retreat in which to relax, recharge and indulge yourself with sumptuous spa treatments and fine cuisine. With so much to discover across this beautiful island, each day brings a brand new adventure. The only caveat? You’ll never want to leave…

Once a building of historic significance, Karma Rottnest Lodge has now been transformed into stylish accommodation – a holiday lodge with remarkable rooms to suit everyone, from solo travellers to families.

Rottnest Island boasts a rich and varied history, but remains unspoilt – a haven for nature-lovers, surf-chasers and sun-worshippers alike. There are reefs and wrecks to discover, World War II tunnels to explore and more than 60 unspoilt beaches and bays. Enjoy!

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