Chosing art the luck of the drawer

Fremantle Festival 2016: 28 October – 6 November

WHY do we buy art? Is it to hang famous artists on our walls and impress guests, or simply because we saw something eye-catching that makes us feel good?

The State Collection trims all the frills by presenting a collection of anonymous artworks limited to an A4 sheet of paper that will all be sold off publicly for the grand price of $20 (proceeds will go to the Community Arts Network).


The back fence

“You don’t know whether you’re walking home with a work by a professional artist or someone from over the back fence who always had artistic talent but didn’t pursue it; it’ll forever remain a mystery,” says curator Julian Tompkin.

Submissions are open to anyone over the age of 15, and Mr Tompkin says the idea is to encourage awareness about arts and culture in a Western Australian setting, hence the exhibition’s name.

“It’s supposed to be slightly provocative and indicative of what we are … this is our state-wide art collection, art by the people and for the people.”

Name-brand artists like Tom Muller and David Spencer have indicated they’ll submit a work, as will some public figures with hidden artistic talents, such as mayor Brad Pettitt and Inside Cover journalist Ben O’Shea.

Entries close October 28.
The State Collection
Thursday November 3, 6pm
PS Art Space, 22 Pakenham StreetFree entry

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