Lane’s boundaries stretched on album

Fremantle Festival 2016: 28 October – 6 November

FOLK/ALT country singer/songwriter Jordie Lane showcases his new album Glassellland on Tuesday November 1.

Born in Melbourne, the musician has been based on and off in Los Angeles for the past three years working on the album, which he says pushed his musical boundaries.

Joinging forces with Clare Reynolds the pair wrote all the songs, performed all the instruments and even built a pop-up recording studio.

“We were the sole producers and engineers of the album which was a lot of hard work but we enjoyed every minute of it,” Lane said.

Lane wrote half of the songs himself and then collaborated with Reynolds to complete the other half.

•Counrtry alt/rock muso Jordie Lane’s got a new album out.

•Counrtry alt/rock muso Jordie Lane’s got a new album out.

“The songs tell a personal story set in a non-personal landscape… they are told in an abstract place with all of these crazy things happening around us in America,” he said.

“Glassell Park is in north-east Los Angeles and it was where we were recording the album. We saw a big sign in the local park that read Glassellland which then became the nickname for the town and the bubble we were living in.

“It just seemed fitting to use this as the name for the album,” he said.

Along with Clare Reynolds, Lane’s newly formed band The Sleepers will join him for his national tour beginning October 28 which includes the Fremantle Festival.

He is looking forward to coming back to WA and in particular to Fremantle.

“We got invited to play at the festival and we don’t get to WA very often so we were very excited to include it in our tour,” he said.

Lane has been to Freo a few times and likes what he sees in regards to the music scene.

“There seems to be a lot of community support for musicians in Fremantle which is always good to see,” he said.

Glassellland Australian Tour
St John’s Church, Kings Square
Tuesday November 1, 8pm
Tix $25.50

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