The house whisperer

THIS is one of those houses that whisper “settle down and start a family” to every prospective homebuyer who walks through its doors.

For those already on the market for a family home, it will insinuate optimistic mortgage calculations and suggest the littlest tyke will be “juuust fiine” in the smaller fourth bedroom (which only feels a bit tiddly because the other three bed-chambers are so expansive).


While this 1950s character home has period features like a liquor cabinet that flips-up from the dining room counter, it was renovated in the 90s to give it a modern-vintage finish, including big glass windows overlooking the river and a rockery pool out the back.

It’s located in the heart of Attadale and offers a piece of suburban bliss which mum, dad, teen and toddler can all get excited about.


A backyard cubby house, a koi pond, and a long front-yard are some of the prominent family favourites, plus big doors on both sides of the house which allow a breeze to blow through and cool down the whole family when it’s stinking hot.

The house, called Panorama for it’s hilltop views, also has separate living spaces and a spacious kitchen-dining area which will help a busy house feel less busy.


But the coup de grâce for any dad still on the fence has got to be the garage, which offers a sprawling DIY space and extends into a crawlway continuing deep under the house for semi-infinite storage.



20 Davidson Road, Attadale
All offers presented by Wednesday
October 26
Nicola Fleet
0403 969 227
Yard Property
9339 1006

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