Hot-wired for happiness

THE brain is hot-wired for happiness from birth, but life gets in the way says Brain Wellness Spa owner Terri Bowman.

Ms Bowman says life’s difficulties can spiral, leading to health issues such as depression and post traumatic stress disorder.

She studied kinesiology in the UK and Germany, but found many clients had underlying triggers and their mental health problems would resurface.

“I wanted to fix things to give people genuine help. If they had to keep coming back it all seemed a bit pointless.”

Years studying the unconscious brain, DNA, genes and chromosomes led Ms Bowman to quantum neuro recording (QNR), a way of reprogramming the brain via the unconscious. She says it puts an end to negative patterns that lead to anxiety, anger and mental and emotional issues.

“[Changing] the brain’s behaviour and the deep causes where [bad] patterns exist.”

There’s no water in her South Perth spa, but the experience is just as relaxing with deep, comfy chairs, gentle music – and soothing words at a subliminal level.

Kardinya local Kerry Beech is a regular: “Laying back in the chair, headphones on I feel like I’m in an avatar world…I feel ‘lightheaded’ in a good way and walk out with a smile on my face,” she says.

Six years ago, and in her 50s, she was diagnosed with a two-centimetre aneurysm, the same hidden nasty that had killed her mother aged 38.

QNR wouldn’t fix the problem, but was a way of enhancing a speedy recovery through reducing stress, Ms Beech says.

“I wanted to get my brain in the right space for this surgery.

“I was so cruisey going in it was like being on premeds.”

She continues the sessions periodically: “You service a car to keep it going well – the same goes for the brain.”

A host of video testimonials show people successfully treated with QNR.

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