LETTERS 29.10.16


I AM displeased about the recent feature for the Fremantle Festival about Clementine Ford.
The second paragraph which says “on how to give your husband a good hand job” is offensive to all women.
I would also claim this is part of the problem that Clementine Ford is attempting to articulate.
My guess is that it was a male who wrote this.
It is poor journalism (though just an advertising feature really) and completely detracts from the serious nature of the topic.
Where women continue to be described through their sexuality at any opportunity, is a sad reflection of our society.
Fiona Logan
vie email

Who’s policy?
I WAS intrigued by the article “Southern rail for Lib” (Herald, October 22, 2016) in which the Liberal candidate for Fremantle Hayden Shenton is reported as calling for passenger trains to Beeliar.
I agree 100 per cent, but has it escaped Mr Shenton’s attention that extending the passenger rail from Fremantle through to Cockburn forms a key part of Labor’s Metronet proposal? It’s not Liberal Party policy.
In fact the state government’s recently released “Perth Transport Plan – For 3.5 million people and beyond” proposes no significant new public transport infrastructure for the greater Fremantle region. No light or heavy rail to the Cockburn Coast, and no light rail along South Street to Murdoch.
The best we are offered is the possibility of bus rapid transit on South Street some time after Perth passes the 3.5 million mark, in other words nothing.
The best place to start if you want to improve public transport in our region is to scrap Roe 8/Perth Freight Link project as the two things are counterpoised in both practical and financial terms.
With over 90 per cent of vehicles on the misnamed PFL projected to be private cars its true function would be to induce more traffic, embed car-dependency and extend urban sprawl.
Former minister Nalder admitted as much when he made the absurd claim that we would need PFL even if all port functions were moved to the outer harbour.
Australian cities face a choice, invest in free-ways or public transport.
Sam Wainwright
Jarvis St, Hilton
The Ed says: A little correction from last week’s story; the abandoned station is at Spearwood near the new Eliza Ponds development, where Mr Shenton says he can envisage a park and ride and bus interchange. He adds: “Beeliar deserves a station as a terminus for later connection to the Thornlie/Canning Vale line. The extension of the passenger service would benefit the coastal economy, improve lifestyle and on the grand scale decrease private vehicle use/need and urban sprawl”.

Chill, John
I TIRE of Mr Dowson’s criticism of all things different (“Monopoly on opportunity,” Herald, October 22, 2016).
Behind the facade of all historic Fremantle, in some cases lies a strong need for restoration.
If this includes the addition of another three stories to enhance the value of the place then so be it.
Atwell Arcade is such and example.
Offices are leased, people work there and consequently spend money in Fremantle.
If a company can come in and open up Freo as a whole then surely that is a good thing. The East End is such an example starting with the Q&A Centre.
It’s not the Pompidou Centre, but it has pleasing aesthetics.
Chill out John.
With the Hilton Double Tree coming, the historic St Pat’s and the restoration of the old boy’s school we will surely see the East End in a new and exciting phase.
We can’t undo the sixties, but maybe with the right insight and foresight it can be redeveloped into something aesthetically and physically exciting.
It depends on how game we are to try something different.
Ric Aldrovandi
Farrier Lane, White Gum Valley

Embarrassed by what?
IN reply to John Paterson regarding state housing opposite Fremantle harbour (“Harbouring doubts,” Herald letters, October 22, 2016), my husband and I are residents of this complex.
The buildings are entirely in keeping with the area and have been restored to a very high standard. They were originally wool stores and have retained many of the original features.
We have many elderly residents who work to keep the grounds pleasant; planting flowers and maintaining the garden beds, picking up rubbish left by non-residents walking through and blown-ins.
Yes, occasionally we have problem residents, but because we have not stood back and moaned “there’s nothing I can do about it” these problems are eventually sorted out.
We strive to maintain high standards, as we are the ones living here.
I think Mr Paterson would be better off looking at the dilapidated state of the wool stores near Coles or the site where the engineering works once stood, or the half-finished building next to the Sheepskin shop.  They are the real eyesores and definitely something visitors to Fremantle are not going to be impressed with, or perhaps I have misunderstood Mr Paterson — is it because it is state housing he is embarrassed?
Sue Loftus
Beach Street, Fremantle

You lost me
CONGRATS to Dr Shayne Silcox, CEO of City of Melville, for being named leader of the year.
But we’ll never know how much it cost to prepare the award submission, as the multi-awarded leader of our city will never tell us.
Just like Dr Silcox is not telling us about how much the city has lost in CDO investments. Instead, he told us that the city received “..a total return of capital and interest (less legal costs incurred) of $23.4 million to date, a net positive return of $2.17m to our community.”
Now I don’t know which body of finance Dr Silcox adheres to but it’s not the same one most people in our community work by.
Anyone who invested $21 million in 2005 at an average interest rate of 6-7 per cent per annum, would not think they had received a net positive return if they only got $23.4 million nine years later.
With the magic of compound interest, at the end of the nine years, the capital sum should have amounted to about $40 million.
So Dr Silcox was right when he stated that I had misrepresented the loss from the CDO investments as being about $9 million.
The actual loss would have been about $18 million (plus legal fees).
Effie Nicholson

Go Roe
JOHN PATERSON, totally agree with your sentiments on Freo Port (“Harbouring doubts,” Herald letters, October 22, 2016).
It could be magnificent with an Elizabeth Quay look and feel. Vibrant with the occasional passenger liner berthing. Mixed residential, restaurants and businesses. Look at East Perth.
But please don’t feel that the outer harbour negates the need for Roe 8 nor 9. Roe 8 will give relief to Cockburn and Melville, Roe 9 will open up Fremantle and at last make it a destination for more people.
All you need to do is sort out Freo’s parking. It is in yesteryear still and like it or not, for the next 20 to 50 years we will be reliant on the car.
Rex (“Not fooled”), I love your passion but your ‘nimby’ thinking doesn’t fit with the majority of people south of the river.
If you want to protect the wetlands then focus on Thompsons Lake and it’s adjacent wetlands and regional parks. This hasn’t been sacrificed for the tourist dollar yet. No Adventure World, no ice arena, no million-dollar plus playground, no widespread clearing for manicured lawns. AND you think Roe 8 has an impact?
With Roe 8 we will not need to make Bibra Drive four lanes, and Farrington, North Lake and Russell roads will not need to be widened amid the loss of more bushland you are trying to protect.
What happened with the revitalisation of North, South and Bibra lakes? There was not a whimper from the environmentalists as I was trying to stop the heavy density housing around the wetlands – the “greenies” were focused on Roe 8.
Another opportunity missed to help minimise the impact of traffic right around the entire wetlands area of Bibra and North lakes.
Hopefully it is all put to bed shortly and we can get on the same page of protecting our other bushland and other wetlands.
Steve Portelli
Blossom Chase, Aubin Grove

CARAVANS and motor homes make up a big part of our tourist industry, from caravan manufacturing and sales to the amount of money tourists spend in towns whilst travelling throughout our state.
Having owned a caravan or motor home most of my life, I have found that there is a shortage of caravan parks or places to park overnight whilst travelling in WA’s peak tourist season.
If one finds a place to park overnight you can be sure there is a sign No Camping.
There is a solution to this problem, as a big percentage of motor homes and caravans are self contained with shower and toilet.
It is my belief that in New Zealand where they had the same problem, a person owning a motor home or caravan can apply for a permit to verify that the vehicle is self-contained.
This allows parking overnight for two consecutive nights in designated areas.
We could adopt this same system at either the state or local government level.
It could be low cost with a caravan retailer or local council issuing the permit for a small fee.
Shopping centres could encourage overnight parking for permit holders.
Frank Granger
Melville Beach Rd, Applecross

ONCE again the mighty axe of change is swung by our short-sighted council and the Carriage Café is the victim, to be replaced by an “high-end” burger bar, whatever form that may be.
Yet another Freo icon down the gurgler, to join the car museum, Kulcha, Deckchair, the wooden boat works, the Markets bar, the Wyola club, the social history museum, sundry pubs and numerous shops and cafes.
The carriage appeared to be one of the few businesses doing reasonable business, so obviously it must go.
Over the years since the America’s Cup, subsequent councils appear to be attempting to outdo each other in destroying the character of the city.
All I see now are ‘high-end’ (that phrase again ) apartments being built, vacant shops and plots and an ephemeral plan for King’s Square, the prime purpose of change there appears to provide the council with plush new rooms.
By the time Mr Pettit’s mob have finished Fremantle will have all the ambience of a council housing estate in the back-blocks of England. The Fremantle we all knew and loved is vanishing at a rapid rate.
Geoff Dunstone
Carrington St, Palmyra

Dangerous fake hippies? 
WE are new to Fremantle and are puzzled as to why the recycling only gets collected every fortnight.
Simple maths indicates the council wants, and supports, twice as much general waste.
I thought Freo was full of the types of people who would be taking care of something so simple and old school as recycling?
I feel guilty putting recyclable items in the general waste but don’t want it piling up at my house.
Mike the new guy


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