Report to look at roads without Roe

THE South West Group of councils has commissioned a study into road upgrades that would be required if the Barnett government dumps the Perth Freight Link.

The decision to commission the study follows a briefing where Roe 8 was described as the “critical missing link” of Perth’s transport plan, and Melville mayor Russell Aubrey says it removed “any argument against Roe 8 and Roe 9”.

Mr Aubrey says he’s prepared to stake his mayoralty on the PFL, likening his commitment to former transport minister Dean Nalder, who reportedly resigned after premier Colin Barnett told him there was no mandate to build the stage 2 tunnel.

Mr Aubrey said environmental concerns for the Beeliar wetlands are offset by the  environmental cost to Cockburn sound if an outer harbour is built, and warned there will be gridlock around Fiona Stanley hospital by 2021 without the divisive highway.

“People will jump up and down and they will look silly… Roe 8 will be built”.

Fremantle and Cockburn chose not to give their opinion on the DoT briefing, but Cockburn later condemned the state government for approving contracts to build Roe 8.

“The state government is making a very risky decision in commencing with this contract, given a pending High Court challenge and an upcoming State election,” Mayor Howlett said.



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