Weight loss & vitality month at hilton vet

Is your pet overweight, showing a lack of vitality, having difficulty moving and getting up or lost the shine from his/her coat?

During November Hilton Vet Hospital will be focusing on weight loss and the vitality of your pets. You will receive a free consultation with one of the experienced vet nurses to give you guidance on your pet’s wellness, weight management and vitality.


Get advice on the correct diet and exercise program specifically for your pet’s breed and stage of life. A weight management program will also be provided if required, specifically tailored for your pet to help them reach and maintain their optimal body weight. Hilton Vet has all the advice, range of supplements and veterinary diets to cater for your pet’s needs.

You’ll also be asked to book in free regular follow-up visits to make sure your pet is on track and to discuss any concerns or queries you may have.


Too much weight on your pet will directly affect his/her vitality and overall wellness.

–  Some of the ways too much weight can affect your pets’ wellness and vitality:
–  Heat and exercise intolerance
–  Lethargy and lack of vitality
–  Heart and respiratory disease
–  Diabetes
–  Osteoarthritis
–  High Blood Pressure
–  Cancer
–  Musculoskeletal pain
–  Increase surgical and anaesthetic risk
–  Reproductive disorders

9331 8375
294 South St, Hilton
email: hiltonvet@iinet.net.au

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