Art or folly?

FREMANTLE’S first per cent for art piece has been unveiled at the Quest apartments on the corner of Short and Pakenham Streets in the city’s West End.

Under the council policy a developer contributes one per cent of the building’s cost towards a public artwork.

• “Folly of Follies”. Photo by Stephen Pollock

• “Folly of Follies”. Photo by Stephen Pollock

The $150,000 Folly of Follies by Lorenna Grant is an ode to Manning’s Hall, an outre building erected in 1858 for Charles Manning, chairman of the Fremantle Town Trust.

It was nicknamed “Manning’s Folly” because of the peculiarities of its architecture and the immense amount of money expended upon its erection and exterior embellishments.

Manning, a passionate astronomer, lived at the house opposite Pioneer Park until he died in 1869.



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