Rawing into health

LOOKING for somewhere to lunch on the first day of a diet is like looking for reason in the US election – good luck.

Like a typical ‘dieter’ I began on a Monday, so it seemed like a good idea to try the Raw Kitchen on High Street, particularly with its promise of “100% gluten free, dairy free and plant based”.

Not only does this place have an interesting menu, there’s a health food shop inside and yoga classes in a large room upstairs.


The yoga sounded great, but I was hungry so I went straight for the menu.

My friend had her heart set on the live pad Thai ($25) and I decided on the buckwheat risotto ($25).


We soon found out “live” doesn’t mean a chef coming out to cook it in front of us, it’s just another way of saying raw.

Both meals were generous and aesthetically pleasing.

The pad Thai, made with zucchini noodles, was a colourful splash of red and yellow capsicum, baby corn, tamarind, red onion and keffir lime.

My friend really enjoyed the meal as it was simple but delicious.

“The satay sauce throughout is so tasty, there’s the perfect amount to ensure it doesn’t overpower the other elements in the dish,” she said.


Mushrooms, pepitas and pomegranate accompanied my risotto with an outline of coconut cream for a fresh boost.

The pepitas and pomegranate added a welcomed touch of crunch to the risotto.

The pumpkin was a large slice placed on top and although it looked great, it was slightly under-cooked for my liking and a bit hard.

Although it was a nice dish, by the time you read this it will be time to say goodbye to the risotto, which is making way for a summer sushi dish.

I was in the perfect spot to eye off the desserts throughout and got excited as our plates were cleared.

Who doesn’t like healthy desserts? Raw and guilt free!

We certainly didn’t hold back either — five desserts later we were rolling our way out of there.


The choc mint ball ($5) was a bit average and didn’t pack the flavour I’d been hoping for, and while the almond macaroon ($5) looked appetising, it was very coconutty and I could really pick out the almond.

But the caramel slice ($6.50) was to die for — rich, moist and tasty.

We felt we needed a couple more desserts to make up for the ones that didn’t tickle our fancy.

With a bit of help from the staff, we tried the fig and cacao ball ($5), which was a winner, with the fig adding the sweetness and moistness we’d been missing with the mint ball.

We finished on a high with the cherry slice ($6.50) which was just as good, if not better, than the caramel slice.

Always good to leave a place with a nice taste in your mouth.


The Raw Kitchen
181A High Street, Fremantle.
9433 4647
Monday – Thursday
11.30am – 3.30pm
Friday – Sunday

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