A PICKET fence, Hills Hoist, and a barbecue are stereotypical images of the Aussie home, but in Fremantle these may not be even close, says local artist Mark Welsh.

Home will be the theme of Brilliant, the first exhibition by the Fremantle Arts Assemblage, created by Welsh with artistic mates Fiona Gavino and Rosina Wonglorz.

“We started with ‘home’ because there’s something about Fremantle that artists respond to,” Welsh says.

“Home evokes not just a picture in the mind of what it might look like, but also an emotion of what it feels like. The things that make Fremantle different to everywhere else.”

• Fiona Gavino is looking to support local artists.

• Fiona Gavino is looking to support local artists.

The trio have booked the Moores Building for the exhibition on March 24 next year and have put out a call for other artists to put in a submission to be included.

“The common component being that we all currently live, or have at one point lived in and around Fremantle,” Welsh says.

It’s open to all art media.

Interested artists can apply to or visit Brilliant on Facebook.


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