LETTERS 26.11.16


The End?
I JUST saw an artist’s rendition of the new building Notre Dame uni intends to build to ‘enliven’ the West End of the High Street: it’s a ‘fascinating’ piece of architecture that will no doubt be an eyesore [in the historic West End] for years to come (‘Notre Dame plays height hardball,’  Herald, November 19, 2016).
Whilst I admire the fact that the university has saved many old buildings, at the end of the day, they pay no rates and have rendered that part of Freo  pretty much sterile: on a weekend with no uni you could fire a cannon down the once-lively street and barely hit a soul.
Put something entirely in keeping with the surroundings, not yet another glass and concrete [building] with a little limestone in the hope of pleasing local aesthetes.
Geoff Dunstone
Carrington St, Palmyra

Useful update
I WOULD like to make a correction to the Bathers Beach House cover story (‘Beach chairs only for those who pay,’ Herald, November 19, 2016).
Point 3.4 of Fremantle’s Alfresco Dining Policy states “Public access: No person shall set up or conduct an alfresco dining area that prohibits public access to that area unless that area is located on private land.”
Therefore, all alfresco dining areas on public land can be accessed by the public regardless if someone is a paying customer, this includes the Bathers Beach House licences area on the beach.
Rachel Pemberton
City of Fremantle
William St, Fremantle
The Ed says: Not a correction councillor, more an update: ‘cos, as per usual, the Herald story was correct. We rang the restaurant and were told categorically only paying customers were allowed to use the chairs. Thank you just the same. 

Sould out
I WAS really disheartened by the commercialisation of our beaches.
Mayor Brad Pettitt’s claim of Perth being dullsville is pretty dull. He needs to get out more and get over his cultural cringe. Many countries have various restrictions which might surprise.
For example restaurants in Las Vegas close at 9pm and while you may be able to get a snack at a cafe there are slim pickings at that time too.
Many tourist sites and other establishments in Europe close through midday. As far as coastal Europe is concerned, vast stretches of beach are closed to anyone who is not a paying customer as will be the case at Bathers Beach and, once the precedent is set, many others will follow and beaches will be furnished wherever possible.
Australians general access to the shoreline is really special. This move is less not more, and we give it away for the sake of a buck. Our unique beach culture will be lost. If this licenced facility, as mayor Pettitt assumes, becomes popular the beaches will be furnished and alcohol infused wherever possible all over Australia.
We need less, not more drinking (alcohol) spaces. There is already significant crime and social problems in Fremantle and Australia associated with alcohol.
I don’t want it, no way.
Valerie Preston,
Birdwood Circus, Bicton

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