Police seek witnesses

POLICE are seeking early morning shoppers or dog walkers who were near the Coolbellup shops last Saturday morning (November 19) between 7.20 and 7.40am when father of two Ian Michael Baz Bosch was fatally stabbed.

Det Snr Sgt Tom Mills told the Herald the shopping centre’s CCTV showed a “lot of people” coming in to buy milk and newspapers around that time, and he’s keen to hear from anyone who saw Mr Bosch standing at the bus stop on Cordelia Avenue.

“Ian is 200 centimetres tall, so he is a big tall, tall guy and he’d stand out,” Det Mills said.

Police know Mr Bosch arrived in the area by bus, but there’s an eight-minute gap before he’s again spotted on CCTV at the Cordelia Avenue stop. Police want to know if there was any interaction between the victim and his murderer during that period.

Footage released by police show Mr Bosch arrive at the bus stop at 7.28am, put down his green backpack and then concentrate on his smart phone.

Seconds later a second person arrives and paces in front of the stop several times. Although the footage is grainy, it doesn’t appear that Mr Bosch reacts to him at all.

But the man stabbed Mr Bosch in the neck before running off down Coolbellup Avenue.

Det Mills says there were early morning dog walkers on Tempest Park at the time who might have seen him running along the avenue and he wants to hear from them. A white sedan and a bus also drove past in those moments.

Mr Bosch staggered to the nearby shopping centre, but died from his wounds. Nothing was taken from his backpack, Det Mills said.


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