Brown goes to EOC

DUMPED federal candidate for Fremantle Chris Brown is taking the Australian Labor Party to the Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC).

Mr Brown was disendorsed in May this year after the party claimed he had not declared two old magistrates court convictions before his endorsement.

At the time a very disappointed Mr Brown told the Chook he wasn’t legally required to disclose an assault charge nor one for drink driving – both committed when he was a young man – because they’d been ‘spent’, that is legally expunged in 2011.

He also said he had raised the spent convictions with an unnamed party official a month prior to endorsement and was advised it wouldn’t be a problem.

Mr Brown’s lawyer John Hammond said he believed his client had suffered discrimination.

The Herald understands Mr Brown will be seeking financial compensation.

This case would be the first contested on the grounds of discrimination before the EOC under the Spent Convictions Act 1988.

Mr Hammond said he did not have a date for a hearing yet.

Former Fremantle deputy mayor Josh Wilson replaced Mr Brown as Labor’s candidate and went on to win Fremantle at the July 2 election.


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