HEALTH ADVISOR: Holistic skin health

AUSPOINT Skin Cancer and Health Clinic is an integrated skin cancer clinic that focuses on skin cancer detection, treatment and monitoring.

In addition it provides a holistic approach to skin health, in particular related to sun damage. Auspoint offers full skin checks with the latest digital scanning technology (dermatascopy), which helps differentiate between the not-so-scary mole and a malignant lesion.

They can also do a biopsy on suspicious lesions to diagnose possible skin cancers, and can surgically excise melanomas, carcinomas, and karatoacanthoma.


Once the damaged skin has been removed, Auspoint have qualified staff to help with reparative surgery of the wound using skin flaps and skin grafts.

They can also help with cryotherapy or diathermy of pre-cancerous lesions, such as actinic keratosis, and benign growths such as seborrheic keratosis and warts.

Located on Canning Highway in Como, Auspoint have a range of other services to help deal with the more annoying skin conditions, such as moles, cysts, skin tags, lipomas and dermatofibromas or sun damage.


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