Mojo’s Wins

Big news is Mojo’s Bar recently took home the national live music award for best
WA venue, and for the past three years has won WAM’s most popular venue award.

The cosy North Freo bar brings in the cream of Perth music while selling cheap beer and reliably good times, so its pre-eminence in the WA music scene has always been well known even if it just became official – again.



Mojo’s is celebrating their 20th anniversary in July next year, but the building previously housed another live music venue known as ‘Stoned Crow’, legendary since the early 70’s. The place has always been counter cultural in one way or another. Polished by consecutive generations of local musicians, the venue has developed a deep patina and music seems to seep from the walls.

It’s the charm of 237 Queen Victoria Street which keeps people coming back – It’s got a certain…

mojo which makes everyone feel welcome; from fans of fast and loud punk bangers, to listeners of psychedelic rock à la Tame Impala, new wave Aussie hip hop, reggae (‘Fisherman’s Style’ is Australia’s longest running reggae event), and even proud parents who come for the under 18 band nights.

Mojo’s Andrew Ryan, Shane Corry and Jeremy Beste.

Mojo’s Andrew Ryan, Shane Corry and Jeremy Beste.


They’ve got a huge event headlined by Hideous Sun Demon lined up for New Year’s Eve, and they’re already thinking about ways to celebrate their 20th anniversary in July next year.

They’ve got a reputation for booking big bands which pull huge crowds in a larger venue but choose to play Mojo’s because the intimate bar has so much character. But the role of Mojo’s Bar is also to provide a stage so new talent can cut their teeth before possibly moving on to national fame.


Mojo’s Bar openly give their respect to the Galati family for their help, as well as the various suppliers, musicians, and all the folk who’ve kept the bar relevant for such a long time and helped cement it into a Freo icon.
Musos love Mojo’s Bar, punters love Mojo’s, and all at Mojo’s want you to know that these feelings are mutual

237 Queen Victoria St, North Fremantle
Phone 9430 4010


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  1. Have always loved Mojo’s, it’s just such a disappointment that they don’t find it necessary to cater for people with disabilities.

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